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Space Invaders Look As Tasty As They Are Dangerous

by Jeff Cork on Apr 24, 2011 at 04:44 AM

Candy is delicious. Space Invaders’ characters are great. Combine these two things, and you’ve got a sugary treat that will appeal to just about anyone with a mouth—even if they didn’t spend their childhoods plugging quarters into old arcade machines. An Etsy merchant is selling Space Invaders-inspired hard candy, and it looks good enough to eat.

 For $7, you can score a bag of a dozen of the treats, which come in an assortment of six flavors. What flavors, you ask? How about key lime, pineapple, orange cream, salt water taffy, blueberry cheesecake, and strawberry lemonade? Good enough? Excellent.

 There is one caveat, though—these things are for adults only. As merchant Holly Green warns, “Under no circumstances do I recommend these for children, as the sharp edges are just too dangerous.” Yikes!