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SOCOM 4's Lead Designer Leaves Zipper Interactive

by Jeff Cork on Apr 24, 2011 at 05:09 AM

SOCOM 4's lead designer Travis Steiner has left Zipper Interactive days after the game was released. According to a pair of tweets from Zipper's community manager, Jeremy Dunham, Steiner wanted to wait until the game shipped before leaving to pursue a startup opportunity.

The game was released April 19 and has been the subject of a wide range of review scores. Some longtime fans of the series have been particularly upset with the game, saying that it offers a watered-down interpretation of the franchise. The series' brand of tactical combat has its advocates, but Sony is certainly eying games like Call of Duty and isn't above tweaking SOCOM to appeal to those players. With Steiner's departure, it should be interesting to see the direction that Zipper takes the series in the future.


Thanks to Sebastian OJeda for the tip!