EA Sports' Persistent ID To Be A Paid Subscription?

by Matthew Kato on Apr 22, 2011 at 08:59 AM

This month EA Sports stated that it was working on a cross-title, cross-year persistent ID system that would chronicle your progress as a player of the label's games. Now new information purports to unveil details about this program and reveal that it's a paid subscription program.

Pastapadre has obtained a reported document that details an annual paid subscription plan for Madden, FIFA, NHL, Tiger, NCAA, and SSX that would give members perks like discounts on DLC, a membership badge, the ability to transfer paid content from year-to-year releases (like this year's Tiger DLC courses), free/exclusive DLC, and more.

Perhaps one of the more interesting features of this membership is the fact that you'd also be able to get full games via download before they come out in stores.

I personally was excited when EA announced the program, but even with all these perks, making it a paid subscription takes some of the excitement out of it for me.

EA Sports director of public relations, Rob Semsey, told us that the company has "no announcements at this time," so who knows if all of these details are legit or if the whole thing's still to be determined. When I talked with EA senior vice president of worldwide development, Andrew Wilson, last week, I got the impression that there were still a lot of details that were being hammered out. Could this document be a rough draft? On this point, perhaps it's worth noting that it refers to SSX with its old subtitle, Deadly Descents. Since the game's reveal at the Spike TV's Video Game Awards last December, that subtitle has been dropped.

We'll have to wait and see what EA Sports has cooking.