[Update]: Professor Cancels Class On Portal 2 Launch Day

by Bryan Vore on Apr 20, 2011 at 08:29 AM

[Update]: Since this story got a lot of traction, Pado has come clean that he faked the whole thing. What Pado says started off as a joke to mess with a friend turned into a saga with the university that was about to get the professor in trouble – which is when Pado felt it was time to tell the truth.


[Original Story]: We have to give Geoff Pado's professor credit for connecting the dots when most of his students called in sick for class the day before Portal 2 released.

After all, most grown-ups would probably assume that some kind of virus is sweeping through the dorms. My guess is the prof wanted to take the day off to play Portal 2 him or herself.

Pado tweeted the following email from the professor:

[Via Neatorama. Thanks to Jalen Bell for the tip!]