Amazon Clarifies Android App Store Rules; IGDA Not Impressed

by Matthew Kato on Apr 20, 2011 at 07:00 AM

Recently the International Game Developers Association expressed concern about Amazon.com's pricing of Android Apps in its store, and what it could do to developers. Now Amazon has responded, saying that its rules were misinterpreted. However, the IGDA remains on alert.

The IGDA's concerns revolve around Amazon's pricing guidelines for developers using its Android App store which states that developers cannot set a price for their apps that is higher than the lowest price on similar services.

Amazon says that the rules for developers was misinterpreted due to a discrepancy in language between different Amazon documents, and that the rule only applies to the current price on similar services.

However, in a statement, the IGDA says: "We are not impressed with Amazon’s recent gesture, nor is this matter the result of a misunderstanding. We believe that Amazon’s terms, as they currently stand, represent a threat to game developers." The IGDA states that developers still can't control when their games are discounted and that they still only receive 20 percent of the minimum list price.

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