THQ CEO Talks DLC, Cheaper Games

by Jeff Marchiafava on Apr 18, 2011 at 09:00 AM

THQ's Brian Farrell has shared his opinion on the $60 price point of video games in the past, and he hasn't changed his mind. Recently the CEO fleshed out his ideas on the subject, and also discussed the future role of DLC and micro-transactions in the console space.

Speaking with Forbes, Farrell reiterated that while the $60 price point is fine for some games, it should be the default for every experience. "Our view is that there will be a wide range of price points for games in the future," Farrell said. "These price points will be driven by the type and depth of the content delivered. A $60 video game now and in the future can deliver a deep experience and hours of differentiated experience through online play, as we’ve just done with Homefront. If we deliver an experience that the gamer values and wants more of, we build on that with digitally delivered downloadable content, which has the effect of increasing the average revenue per user, or ARPU."

Farrell also said that he believes other price models will work in the console space too. "There is definitely a place in console games for the micro-transaction model. For example, the Motoclub shop in MX vs. ATV: Alive – the in-game store will allow players to purchase content from inside the game rather than having to purchase it through the Xbox LIVE marketplace. I think it is a great example of how a triple-A console game can participate in the micro-transaction model." Farrell stated he believes free-to-play games can also work on consoles, but that publishers will have to work with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to find a "business model that works for both them and us."

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview at Forbes.