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Another Classic PlayStation Franchise Getting HD Remake?

by Adam Biessener on Apr 17, 2011 at 12:20 PM

Print magazine PSM3 reportedly has a rumor in its new issue that we'll get an announcement of another HD re-release of a beloved series at E3 in June.

Why not, right? Sony is obviously happy with the general strategy, since it keeps releasing the things. I'm personally all for it; the PS2 generation had a crazy huge library of amazing titles. I certainly didn't make it all the way through all the games I wanted to back in the day, and not having to play them in eye-melting standard definition is nice.

Further investigation has proved fruitless. Sony isn't picking up the phone on a Sunday (and would no doubt give a "no comment" regardless), and the PSM3 website has nothing related to the story. On the other hand, Future Publishing doesn't put out much Web content under the PSM3 label -- but there's nothing on other Future sites like CVG, either.

If this weren't the Internet, I wouldn't be writing about a blog reporting a rumor from a European magazine that I haven't personally read. But hey, what are you here for if not unsubstantiated third-hand hearsay?

Well, that and joke tags. The "pwnd" tag is building up quite a library of associated content.

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