Mobile Authenticator Now Available For Rift

by Adam Biessener on Apr 16, 2011 at 06:41 AM

Trion has taken the next obvious step to help Rift players protect their accounts from the hacks and scams that infest the Internet. As an added bonus, anyone who associates a mobile authenticator with their account gets a unique in-game title, "The Ironclad." It's no core hound pup, but I'll take it.

The Rift Mobile Authenticator is available for iOS and Android devices for free through the App Store and the Android Market. Launching the app generates a string of numbers, which are keyed to a time stamp through a black box operation that the login servers also use. Nobody can access your account without the unique, non-repeated key associated with that twenty-second or so window of real time.

I've watched guildies get hacked over and over both in Rift and in that other game. I cannot stress this enough: Put the stupid authenticator on your phone. Yes, it adds five seconds to the login process. It also makes you effectively impervious to losing your account to anything from keyloggers to phishing scams, unless the bad guys convince you to mail them your smartphone as well as giving them your password. In that case, you may be beyond help.