[Update]: New Football Game One of Three New EA Sports Franchises Coming

by Matthew Kato on Apr 12, 2011 at 01:00 PM

[Update]: New EA Sports football czar Cam Weber confirmed that one of the three new EA Sports titles coming is a new football game that's "fundamentally different" than the core Madden/NCAA titles. Weber made the comment when I asked him if EA Sports was still committed to things like Arena Football, Head Coach, or Street football. However, he didn't specify, however, if this new football title would be a new series or a redesign of an old football offshoot.


[Original Story] At the EA Season Opener event in San Francisco, EA Sports' Andrew Wilson talked about three brand new franchises coming from the publisher.

Talking about the need to create new experiences and tap new audiences, Wilson teased that the publisher had three new franchises in the works, but he added that they wouldn't be revealed at the event. Although EA Sports is traditionally know for sim-based sports like football and soccer, the games could be slightly outside the normal sports sphere like SSX is. Or perhaps they will be more worldwide sports like Cricket or Rugby. Who knows.

Either way, we look forward to what EA Sports is planning, and hope to hear about it soon.