BlizzCon Tickets On Sale In May

by Joe Juba on Apr 12, 2011 at 01:09 PM

A tiny, little-known developer called Blizzard Entertainment is having a convention again this year. Apparently, even obscure studios can have big parties, and your chance to get tickets is coming up. C'mon! Support the underdog!

Okay, seriously. This is the sixth annual BlizzCon, and the tickets for these things sell out in a flash. So, here's what you need to know: Tickets to BlizzCon 2011 go on sale in two batches – one on May 21 and the next on May 25. Additionally, a limited number of tickets to a pre-BlizzCon charity dinner go on sale May 28.

Tickets to main event are $175 each, which is more expensive than last year (see this Gamasutra story for more on the price hike), and tickets to the benefit dinner are $500. You will be able to buy your tickets at BlizzCon's official site.

Alternately, you can pay $40 through DirecTV to basically get a pay-per-view stream of the event. Purchasers of this Virtual Ticket will still get the BlizzCon-exclusive items (yet to be revealed) for StarCraft II and WoW.

BlizzCon goes down October 21 and 22.