It's Raining Meat! Super Meat Boy Figurines And Vinyls, That Is

by Matt Helgeson on Apr 10, 2011 at 04:07 AM

If your a fan of Super Meat Boy -- and who isn't? -- it's your lucky day. You now have two opportunities to show your love for Team Meat's square, fleshy hero, in the form of new figurines and vinyl figures.

On the market now is Esty user Voxelous's two-inch collectible figurines (pictures at bottom of story). You can order them here. Voxelous used a 3D printer to make the figures, creating likenesses of Meat Boy, Bandage Girl, Tofu Boy, and Brownie.

Super Meat Boy figurines from Voxelous and Team Meat have been announced. Four have been announced as of now. They include Meat Boy, Bandage Girl, Tofu Boy, and Brownie. They are 2 inches high. They cost $12 each. $3.49 shipping for one, $3.99 for two or more. They cost $12 each. Now for the bad news: at that price, they are proving to be quite popular. Voxelous says that Meat Boy and Tofu Boy are already sold out, and that there is a backlog of processing orders. Still we imagine with the success there will be another run manufactured soon.

Given Voxelous's success with the Meat Boy figurines, we'd suggest heading over to Symbiote Studios right now to place a pre-order on one of the company's awesome 8-inch Meat Boy vinyl toys (which will come delivered in box designed by Team Meat). The figures (pictured at top) have moveable arms and come in two styles -- "Normal" and "Beat Up." The vinyls sells for $39.99 each.

Via: Joystiq