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gi fashion show

GI Fashion Show: Metal Gear Solid Edition

by Phil Kollar on Apr 08, 2011 at 03:20 PM

Earlier this week, Konami announced a new clothing line based on the Metal Gear Solid series. When the publisher was kind enough to send us a sample of this upcoming line, we decided to show it off in the only way we know how: by playing dress-up with GI editor and fashion aficionado Tim Turi.

Here's a good look at the front of the jacket that Konami sent us, a replica of the one worn by Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Note that Tim's eyes are not showing in any of these pictures. This could be a fashion trade secret, or it could be because he has something to hide. Such as being stoned.

I think GI executive editor Andrew Reiner said it best when he said, "Tim looks kind of like a fisherman in that."

Here Tim is trying to emulate Snake kneeling down to have a codec conversation by putting his finger to his ear. He failed to take into account that his hood gets in the way of seeing that and kind of ruins the effect. Models can be so silly sometimes!

In this picture, Tim attempts to be clever by hiding in a box like the video game protagonist that he's dressing up as. Unfortunately, in doing so, he reveals the reason why he'll never get a job in the real fashion industry: He's a fatty. (Note: I'm actually approximately 300 pounds heavier than Tim, so it's okay for me to make that dumb joke.)

Tim upgrades to a bigger box. Getting closer, buddy! I'm secretly hoping he's reading this and develops an eating complex of some sort. I'm trying to help him.

The sleeve of the jacket contains nice, sturdy-looking patches depicting the logo and symbol for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, just in case you forget the game that you loved enough to buy clothing based on it or want to share it with strangers.

I'm not gonna lie. Tim looks pretty fierce in this pose -- is that something people still say? -- but the effect is kind of ruined by the giant yellow Nerf gun and nerdy samurai sword in front of him. The GI office in general and Ben Reeves' desk in particular is like what I imagined a Toys 'R' Us store was when I was kid.

And that's all we've got! Do you want to dress like Big Boss? Or perhaps more importantly do you want to dress like Tim Turi? Konami's new clothing line, which includes this jacket, will debut in North America on April 11.