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Nintendo's Patent For Wii Light Is As Stupid As It Sounds

by Dan Ryckert on Apr 06, 2011 at 01:20 PM

It looks like Nintendo isn't satisfied with the runaway success of the Vitality Sensor, WiiSpeak, Wii Zapper, e-Reader, Power Glove, Game Boy Printer, DK Bongos, Roll & Rocker, and Power Pad. They need yet another accessory of questionable necessity and function, so back in 2009 they filed a patent for the "Wii Light."

You can see one image above, and an additional one below. According to Siliconera, the device is capable of emitting 256 different colors via three LED lights. Always a trailblazer in the world of technology, the Nintendo scientists have also discovered a way for these lights to "blink," which is a new concept that involves lights turning on and off intermittently. This phenomenon would occur when your shots hit your targets, your character takes damage, or just whenever your ADD-riddled brain needs another stimulant.

No word on whether Nintendo plans on actually manufacturing this vision, but I'm personally hoping they devote their entire E3 presser to it (ideally with DJ RaviDrums breakdancing in front of it for 45 minutes).