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Hacker Invades Account of Xbox Live Security Chief

by Matthew Kato on Apr 04, 2011 at 09:55 AM

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Flying under the banner of "All accounts are open for hacking," a hacker has cracked the Xbox Live account of Xbox Live policy enforcement director Stephan Toulouse.

Going under the name Predator, this hacker has not only gotten into Toulouse's account but several others as well. Of course, Predator says he's only doing this to strengthen Xbox Live's security in the future. "I'm simply letting them know I'm willing to help them secure accounts from future hackers," he said.

Predator changed Toulouse's account info after resetting his password, and says he targeted Toulouse because Predator says he's been banned over 35 times, so he figured Toulouse had it coming. He also says he'll hack for cash. Sounds like Predator himself could do with a bit of justice. Here's hoping they catch him.

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