Xenoblade Gets Localized, But Not For North America

by Joe Juba on Mar 31, 2011 at 07:36 AM

The latest project from Monolith Soft (developer of the Xenosaga series) is finally getting a release outside of Japan. The bad news? It's just slated for Europe.

Fans of Monolith Soft can still find a silver lining in the announcement: Though Xenoblade Chronicles (formerly Xenoblade, formerly Monado: Beginning of the World) isn't currently scheduled to hit North America, the European localization will include an English translation...which points to the likelihood of an eventual release on our shores.

You can learn more (and watch a trailer) at the UK teaser site. Of course, since the game has been out for months in Japan already, you can probably learn even more by consulting the vast wisdom of the Internet.

[via Joystiq]