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Another GTA V Casting Call Leaks Online?

by Matt Helgeson on Mar 29, 2011 at 07:11 AM

Earlier this month, a casting call seeking actors for a project codenamed "Rush" surfaced on the Internet. Many noted that the roles seemed to be similar to Rockstar Grand Theft Auto style characters, including a wisecracking FBI agent, a Welsh monk yoga teacher, and a 30-year-old "weed evangelist." Now, speculation is circulating regarding another casting call that appears to be for Grand Theft Auto V. The blog Ripten broke the story, and claims to have proof that the call was put out by Rockstar parent company Take-Two. Here's the call with the roles available and characters descriptions:

The "James Pedeaston" role provides the closest link to the GTA franchise we've seen to date. The description, which calls Pedeaston a "man-boy love activist" fits with an existing GTA character of the same name [read his GTA wiki entry here] who had a radio show about his prurient travels on the in-game radio station WCTR in San Andreas. He was arrested for child molestation in Indonesia in GTA IV, which jibes with the description in the casting call, which says Pedeaston "just got released from an Indonesian prison."