More Hitman 5 Clues?

by Matthew Kato on Mar 17, 2011 at 03:54 AM

Square Enix has talked about there being another Hitman, but since the game isn't officially announced, it doesn't officially exist...if that makes any sense. Now what may be a viral marketing campaign has fanned the fans' flames even further.

What started as an ad in a Sundance Film Festival catalog has escalated into a series of cryptic images featuring Agent 47's bar code (and even donuts!). These seem to hint at an E3 reveal for Hitman 5. A community manager from IO Interactive has played along with fans' speculation about all the talk (much of which you can see here), but there's not much more to go on then that.

Nobody's really sure where all this leads, but despite the Sundance tie-in for this recent round of clues, IO has stated that the next Hitman won't be tied to a movie.

[via OXM UK]