THQ Stock Dips After Homefront Reviews Surface

by Jeff Marchiafava on Mar 15, 2011 at 12:30 PM

THQ saw its stock price take a considerable hit today, as a new wave of less-than-enthusiastic Homefront reviews hit the Internet.

THQ's stock closed today at $4.69 per share, down 21 percent from yesterday's closing price of $5.94 per share, which was a high for the last 30-day period. The shift in stock price mirrors the Metacritic rating of THQ's newest release Homefront, which was in the upper 80s yesterday. That average dropped to 72 today, as the review embargo for all gaming outlets lifted (including our review, which went up this morning).

The implication seems to be that investors are putting a lot of weight into Metacritic ratings, which probably isn't a good idea. After all, review scores aren't a reliable indicator for potential sales. Not to mention the fact that 72 isn't that bad of a score – if a company's stock can drop by 20 percent for what most reviewers consider an average rating, what happens when a game really tanks?

[via Gamasutra, image via Nasdaq.com]