Batman: Arkham City Gameplay Trailer

by Adam Biessener on Mar 15, 2011 at 10:15 AM

The first glimpse of Batman's next game in motion is up, and it is everything you could ask it to be.

Seriously. I want to hear in the comments if anyone is anything but giddy over this game. What more could you possibly ask of Rocksteady?* Batman flies around the city like he's Spider-Man with badassitude instead of whiny teenager-ness. I'm no stranger to a little hatin' from time to time, but even I'm drawing a blank after this video.

IGN also has a tidbit about Arkham City's Riddler trophies: instead of following static clues, you'll get pointed toward goons who have information on a trophy's location – which you'll have to extract from the hooligan in the traditional way.

* Besides Catwoman not having a weird zombie face. And maybe Harley not being quite so skanked up. But I'm willing to overlook that for the chance to haul around Gotham righting wrongs with my fists.

[via IGN]