IPTV Rumored For Xbox 360 Before End of the Year

by Matthew Kato on Mar 10, 2011 at 04:25 AM

Xbox 360 owners have been waiting for a while to get turn their 360s into cable boxes via Microsoft's long-awaited IPTV service, and there are fresh rumors that it'll be happening before the end of the year.

ZDNet reports that the initiative, codenamed Orapa, could be included in the system's fall update and that it'll merge Microsoft's existing Mediaroom IPTV service (which is available in select areas/carriers in the U.S.) with Xbox Live and Kinect functionality, and possibly Microsoft's as-yet-unveiled video/music service, to allow you to watch TV programs through your Xbox 360 and other devices.

There's no word on what this may do to the price of your Xbox Live membership or how it'll be offered.