Swedish Company Developing 1,000-Player FPS That Will "Impress Random Women At Bars"

by Dan Ryckert on Mar 09, 2011 at 12:14 PM

The guys at Swedish network technology company Pikkotekk are apparently looking for a pickup line and a world record. They're working on a 1,000-player FPS game that will obviously shatter any current records for player count (even you, MAG).

Pikkotekk's Christian Lonnholm says "About one year ago, we were talking with CCP and we came up with this idea that if we made a MMO FPS in Unity, the technical achievement would be of such magnitude that it would even impress random women in bars." I'm not sure if Christian has actually talked to a woman at a bar, because I bet that claim would have as much of an effect as wearing a shirt with my achievement score on it.

Considering the company isn't focused on gaming, this looks like more of a technical achievement than any kind of solid gameplay experience. Their hype video (seen below) even refers to the game being "crappy-looking." Check out the first look of Tanks Vs. Robots and decide for yourself if you'd be interested in an FPS on this scale.