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gdc 2011

Ron Gilbert Wants A Maniac Mansion Remake

by Phil Kollar on Mar 06, 2011 at 01:40 PM

Classic adventure game creator Ron Gilbert may have just recently joined up with Tim Schafer's Double Fine, but that doesn't mean that he's forgotten his roots.

Speaking at GDC, Gilbert said he would "love for them to re-release Maniac Mansion the same way they did the Monkey Island games." Gilbert even suggested that he may want to change parts of the game in a potential remake:

"I've often thought it would be fun to go through the game and fix a lot of the problems I mentioned and get the puzzle structure more like we did in Monkey Island. But then other times I think, 'Do I really want to do that?' Maybe the game really needs to have those flaws. Isn't that a little bit like George Lucas going back and fixing all those problems with Star Wars? Maybe the game really needs to be what it is back then."

As long as Gilbert's talking about old adventure games that need to be more readily available to a modern gaming audience, I can't be the only one who's desperate for an updated version of Day of the Tentacle?

[via Eurogamer]