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gdc 2011

No Sequel Planned For Donkey Kong Country Returns

by Ben Reeves on Mar 03, 2011 at 12:31 PM

If you’re expecting Nintendo to deliver a quick and dirty sequel to last year’s hit Donkey Kong Country Returns, you might want to scale back your expectations. For one, Retro Studio’s president and CEO Michael Kelbaugh told us that making a platformer was a lot more work than he expected. But more importantly, we’ve been told that Nintendo has no plans to make a sequel at this time.

In a recent interview, Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe told us that Retro approached Nintendo wanting to work on a new Donkey Kong game over five years ago, but the publisher turned them down. A couple years later, when Nintendo felt it was time to make another DK game, it went back to Retro to see if they were still interested. While the game turned out for the best in the end, Nintendo hasn’t started thinking about a sequel yet. However, “I wasn’t even thinking about doing a sequel for Metroid Prime until Retro showed me the last scene in the game, which was near the end of development. I wouldn’t say we won’t do a sequel [for Donkey Kong Country Returns], but we don’t have anything planned at this time.”

There you have it. Make a wish upon a star or whatever you feel like you have to do. We’ll likely see another DK game eventually. The question is: how long will we have to wait?