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Guild Wars 2 Thief Class Announced

by Adam Biessener on Mar 03, 2011 at 12:00 PM

Get this: Thieves in ArenaNet's upcoming MMORPG wear light armor, dual wield blades, and have stealth capabilities. Crazy, I know.

Unlike other classes, Thieves don't have cooldowns on their skills. Instead, the Thief uses "initiative" to power their weapon attacks. Total madness.

On the rare occasion they're not stabbing things, Thieves in Guild Wars 2 might be laying traps, stealthing about undetected, shadow stepping (what ArenaNet means by that, we're not sure -- we're working off a barebones press release here), or shooting things with pistols or shortbows. Sorry to blow your mind.

More details on the Thief class will be released over the next week on the official site, and will be playable in a preview build ArenaNet is bringing to PAX East.

Guild Wars 2 has no official release date, but the game's fluid combat and intriguing dynamic content systems have looked great every time I've seen it. My money is on it releasing later this year given the pace NCsoft has been rolling out updates on its development, so look for the trickle of information to widen into a crisp, refreshing river of knowledge as the year goes on.