Mortal Kombat Tower Mode Offers Hundreds Of Twisted Challenges

by Jeff Cork on Mar 02, 2011 at 05:00 AM

Fighting games have a history of veering off course in inexplicable ways. That's not to say we didn't appreciate Tekken's bowling minigames or Soul Caliber's challenge-based campaign mode. Mortal Kombat has been on the forefront of such diversions over the years, wrapping chess games, kart racers, and other extras into the mix. The latest Mortal Kombat game's extra mode doesn't seem quite as ambitious (or weird) as a go-kart outing in the netherrealm, but it still looks pretty great.

The Tower is a series of 300 challenges, which are designed to test players in increasingly bizarre ways. One moment, you may have to beat your opponent after getting your arms ripped off, the next you're tossing grenades into a moving bucket. Watch the video below -- an IGN exclusive -- to see it in action.