gdc 2011

Steam Coming To Your TV

by Adam Biessener on Feb 28, 2011 at 09:35 AM

No, not with a console version. Valve announced today that it is adding a "big picture" mode to the Steam client with controller support and an interface optimized for TV use.

Valve declined to offer any further details in its press release, other than hinting that big picture mode "will enable gamers to enjoy Steam and their library of Steam games on more screens throughout the house."

The company will be sharing details with developers and publishers at GDC this week, though it's not clear if any of that information will be made public at that time.

My guess is that this is simply improved support for connecting your PC to your TV…for now. Valve already has the framework to sell media through Steam as well as games. Why not push that in the wake of Apple's insane plans for world domination?

Despite the snark at the top of this article, could this be the first step toward a PS3 Steam client? Valve and Sony are already playing nice with Portal 2...