We Dare Video Is The Most Awful Thing You'll See Today

by Joe Juba on Feb 24, 2011 at 07:57 AM

This is just embarrassing. The video for Ubisoft's (doubtfully) sexy party game is a monument to lame marketing going off the rails.

Basically, We Dare has you performing the exact same dumb minigames as in countless other Wii titles, except this time it's supposed to be naughty because you, like, put the Wii remote in your pants or something. For a game that looks so stupid, those actors hired to look like they're enjoying the game sure seem to be enjoying it!

Ugh. Just watch the video below and despair.

We Dare doesn't have a confirmed North American release, but it is coming to Europe (where it received a rating designating it as appropriate for gamers 12 years old and up). Apparently you're never too young to let a video game teach you all about spouse swapping.