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Big Names Bolster Dragon Age II Soundtrack

by Joe Juba on Feb 24, 2011 at 07:19 AM

The music for EA and BioWare's upcoming RPG will feature the return of Inon Zur, as well as a collaboration with Grammy-nominated Florence and the Machine.

Zur is once again handling the game's original score, while Florence and the Machine's "I'm not calling you a liar" appears as a re-imagined track serving as Varric's theme.

In a recent press release, EA's worldwide executive of music and marketing, Steve Schnur, made this comment regarding the new track: “With the band’s full blessings and enthusiasm, we isolated Florence’s original vocals from one of their most unique songs and completely ‘Dragon-Aged’ it.”

I know that EA wanted that to sound like praise, but the phrase "Dragon-Aged it" sounds more like a huge blunder to me. Like, "Hey, was that soundtrack any good?" "Nope. They Dragon-Aged it."

You'll be able to pick up part one of the soundtrack on March 8, the day Dragon Age II releases...unless someone totally Dragon-Ages it.