Bulletstorm Sings A Gun Lullaby With New DLC

by Ben Reeves on Feb 22, 2011 at 11:55 AM

People Can Fly and Epic Games’ Bulletstorm just came out, but if you hurry up and finish the game today, you’ll be ready for the game’s newly announced DLC.

Actually, Bulletstorm’s Gun Sonata DLC Pack won’t be available until sometime later this spring, so you don’t have to hurry through the game, but you might want to, because it's a blast.

The Gun Sonata Pack includes three new maps for Bulletstorm’s co-op Anarchy mode -- Sewers of Stygia, Hotel Elysium and Villa -- as well as two new time trial-style Echo maps -- Crash Site and Guns of Stygia. While it doesn't sound like there are any new guns in the Gun Sonata Pack (isn't that strange?), players will be able to take advantage of two new new Leash enhancements: the Flamingo and the Pulp.

The DLC will be available for the Xbox 360 for 800 Microsoft Points ($10) and for PlayStation 3 for $9.99.