Telltale and DC Speak On Fables Game

by Jeff Cork on Feb 18, 2011 at 10:14 AM

Fans of DC Comics’ Fables have something to look forward to, with the news that the comic series is heading to the world of games.

Fables, created by Bill Willingham in 2002, focuses on the plight of fairy tale characters in a real-world New York. The comic’s first story arc focused on Bigby Wolf (of the Three Little Pigs), who’s now a reformed PI in charge of investigating fable-related crimes and ensuring that the “mundies” – human civilians – don’t learn of the Fables, as they call themselves. Wolf and Snow White have to determine what happened to White’s missing sister, Rose Red, whose trashed apartment was splattered with blood. The second arc followed Rose Red and White as they traveled to the Farm, a refuge for less anthropomorphic Fables hidden in upstate New York.

“Bill Willingham’s Fables brings everything we look for in a property to bring to episodic,” said Dan Connors, CEO of Telltale Games. “Strong, iconic characters, deep, nuanced story arcs, and rich, fully realized worlds. This is a series that will work extremely well for the cinematic style of adventures that Telltale delivers.”

Fables is one of the cornerstone series of DC's Vertigo imprint thanks to Bill Willingham's excellent writing and Mark Buckingham's gorgeous art,” said Geoff Johns, chief creative officer at DC Entertainment. “At its heart, Fables is a captivating serialized story built in a new, yet familiar universe, one that will translate to a great episodic gaming experience.”

The series definitely lends itself to the Telltale treatment, and the idea of following a criminal investigation sounds like a pretty obvious way to structure the game. It should be interesting to see how the game separates itself from the recently announced King’s Quest game, since both properties deal with worlds that are a hodge-podge of nursery rhymes and other familiar elements from folklore.