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DCU Online Auto-Renews On PSN

by Matt Miller on Feb 16, 2011 at 08:56 AM

It's a little more than a month after the retail release of DC Universe Online, so now might be a good time to remember that the game may be auto-charging to your PlayStation Network credit card.

A couple days ago, a few of our editors began receiving notices that our free 30-day subscriptions to DC Universe Online on PS3 had expired. Because we had no credit card on file for our PlayStation 3 accounts, the accounts did not renew.

The other side of that coin is that if you do have a credit card on your PlayStation Network account, and you have your "wallet" set to auto-fund purchases, DC Universe Online will begin charging your account the regular $14.99 monthly fee, and will continue to do so until you cancel.

If you purchased the game anytime around launch week, your first renewal has likely just gone through, or is about to sometime soon. If you want to continue playing, make sure and have funds available in your account. If you don't, remember to cancel your account.

We thought a little reminder was in order. The game isn't exactly clear about this process when you initially start up your account. In addition, DCU Online on PS3 is unique from many other MMOs in that it funds subscriptions through a source outside of the standalone game -- your PlayStation Network account.

Those $15 charges are really going to have added up when you finally remember them two years after you stop playing.