NPR Creates Kevin Butler Sandwich, World Not Ready

by Jeff Marchiafava on Feb 15, 2011 at 11:38 AM

Back in issue 210 of Game Informer, we ran an interview with Sony's VP of Everything Kevin Butler, who described his favorite sandwich. Little did we know that someone on this planet would be crazy enough to create it -- least of all the folks at NPR.

NPR's Ian Chillag chronicled the Kevin Butler Sandwich as part of NPR's Sandwich Monday. The sandwich is a double cheeseburger squished between two Monte Cristo sandwiches -- A Monte Cristo being a ham, turkey, and swiss sandwich dipped in french toast batter and deep fried. If that description didn't just give you a heart attack, then you should check out NPR's blog, as the rest of the post is a compilation of hilarious one-liners about the newly-dubbed Kevin Butler Sandwich. Here's a taste (pun most certainly intended):

"It's like eating the song 'Old MacDonald Had A Farm.'"

"Seriously, this sandwich is like a myth people have about America. 'In America, the streets are lined with gold and the sandwiches are made with sandwiches!'"

"I think you have to do it starfish style, and remove your stomach from your body and let it eat the sandwich."

Props to NPR for having the nerve to create this abomination.