[Updated] Does This GameStop Screen Capture Reveal NGP's Retail Price?

by Matt Helgeson on Feb 10, 2011 at 12:53 PM

[Update] A GameStop employee informed me via Twitter that this price is just a placeholder based on estimates, done to enable the stores to take pre-orders on NGPs.

The blog Mukyou has obtained a very interesting screen grab – which appears to reveal the retail price of Sony's NGP handheld as $299.99.

According to Mukyou, a user named Rick Hutnak posted the picture on GameStop's Facebook page (the post seems to have been removed). As you can see, the screen capture lists Sony's NGP at $299.99 alongside the already confirmed Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black units.

Many industry analysts have speculated that the NGP would likely launch at $299, but it's worth noting that we have no way of confirming that this screen capture is authentic. Game Informer contacted a Sony representative on the matter, who would only say, "The price for NGP hasn't been announced, and we can't comment on rumors or speculation."

We'll have to see how accurate this turns out to be, but it certainly seems in line with everything we've heard reported or speculated about the NGP's price.

[Editor's note: Although GameStop is Game Informer's parent company, we have no inside knowledge about the NGP's price or any other retail matters. As a retailer, GameStop abides by its own confidentiality agreements with publishers and console manufacturers and shares no information regarding release dates, price points, or any other matters with Game Informer.]

Source: Mukyou