UPDATE: Diablo 3 Probably Not Coming In 2011

by Adam Biessener on Feb 09, 2011 at 11:24 AM

UPDATE: A Blizzard representative has contacted us and asked us to clarify that the company has not yet said whether or not Diablo 3 will be releasing in 2011.

The financial guidance released by Activision Blizzard during the quarterly conference call said that it does not include the release of a Blizzard title in 2011 because the company doesn't know when the developer will release its upcoming games.

I get the fine distinction that our friendly neighborhood Blizzard rep is pointing out, but to me the fact that Blizzard won't even commit to a 2011 release internally is telling. If I were a betting man, my money would definitely be on 2012 for Diablo 3.

ORIGINAL STORY: Activision announced in its fourth quarter conference call that it does not expect to release a Blizzard game in calendar year 2011. Diablo 3 looks like a 2012 game at this point.

Cue sad face pictures. We were hoping to see Diablo 3 this holiday, but this news looks to be putting the kibosh on that. If there is indeed no Blizzard title in 2011, the company expects to have two Blizzard games launch in 2012. Small comfort, that.

Activision also announced that it will not be putting out any music or skateboarding games in 2011. You'll have to excuse us for not having the same disappointed reaction to that bit of news.