See The First Screens of Dead Space 2's DLC

by Joe Juba on Feb 05, 2011 at 09:14 AM

Many gamers have finished at least one playthrough of Dead Space 2 by now, and they are probably hungry for more dismemberment. Thankfully, a recent video from the team at Visceral shows the first screens of the upcoming paid DLC, entitled Severed.

The shots are revealed in the latest episode of Questions with Steve (aka Steve Papoutsis, executive producer of Dead Space 2). In case you forget, Severed will continue the story of Gabe and Lexine from Dead Space: Extraction, but it uses real Dead Space gameplay instead of on-rails shooting.

You can see the screens screens here (one above, two below), but I still recommend watching the video. Papoutsis has plenty of interesting things to say about what's next for the studio, as well as who came up with the idea for the hand cannon.

(Thanks to tipster Carl)