Bob Marley’s Second Wave Infesting Rock Band 3 Next Week

by Jeff Cork on Feb 04, 2011 at 05:49 AM

Reggae fans are bound to be pleased as patchouli punch with the news that even more Bob Marley music is heading to Rock Band 3. The Bob Marley Pack 01 adds a host of jams that weren’t on his Legend album, which is already available in its entirety. Wait, there’s more than “No Woman No Cry,” and “I Shot the Sheriff”?!

The pack includes the following tracks, and is available for $13.49/1,080 Microsoft Points/1,350 Wii Points. Individual songs are available for $1.99/160 Microsoft Points/200 Wii Points.
•           “Bend Down Low”
•           “Burnin’ and Lootin’”
•           “Coming in from the Cold”
•           “Kaya”
•           “Lively Up Yourself”
•           “No More Trouble”
•           “Small Axe”
•           “Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)”

There’s an optional pro guitar/bass upgrade for “Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)” if you’re so inclined. It’s $.99/80 Microsoft points/100 Wii Points.

Now comes the part where everyone gripes about this in the comments. Gogogo!