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First Madden 12 Blog Coming Super Bowl Sunday

by Matt Bertz on Feb 02, 2011 at 10:57 AM

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During the halftime show you can either make your ears bleed by listening to a Black Eyed Peas montage or head to the Madden blog to check out the first details about next year's football game. I know where I'll be.

EA Tiburon creative director Ian Cummings confirmed on Twitter that he'll post the first Madden 12 related information halfway though the Pittsburgh Steelers' dominance of the loathsome Wisconsin-based team that shall not be named. Given the distance between Sunday and the game's fall release, don't expect a deep-diving discussion of your favorite mode's planned improvements. If I had to guess, the blog will serve as a jumping off point for a discussion between Tiburon and the community on the general direction the team is headed with Madden NFL 12.

UPDATE: Cummings has followed up with more details about the blog, saying "the [Madden 12] blog is almost done. We are revealing not one but TWO new features! Hoping to also record a companion podcast."