Electronic Arts Not Driving The 3D Bandwagon

by Bryan Vore on Feb 02, 2011 at 06:11 AM

In a recent earnings call, Electronic Arts COO John Schappert touched on the company's view of 3D gaming. It's not as rosy as all the television manufacturers would like.

"My personal view is the larger idea, at least for the present, would be the connected game," Schappert said, according to GamaSutra. "I'm more in the camp that IPTV is a bigger idea for gaming, at least in the near term, than 3D is. It just provides a better social experience and you know that consumers playing with one another is a very positive and powerful motivator."

"While there's no doubt that our industry will have its Avatar, where 3D is a defining aspect of the game ... I'm mostly interested with all the mobile devices that are coming out, in how they're being connected to one another and how the same IP is shared over the top," he continued. "I think that's actually a bigger driver for EA and the industry in the near term."

On the other hand, in that same call, Schappert noted that EA will publish three 3DS games at the system's launch or in the launch window: Madden NFL, FIFA and The Sims.