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Rock Band 3 Update Is Live

by Matt Miller on Jan 31, 2011 at 11:39 AM

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Harmonix just completed a major patch to their latest music game, including new authoring support for Rock Band Network.

That first change is definitely the biggest piece of news to come out of the update, which is out now for Xbox 360, and will be out within a day for PS3. The new support for Rock Band Network means that independent artists who are creating their own tracks for purchase in the game can now include parts for vocal harmonies, keys, and pro keys. 

In addition, Harmonix has implemented all sorts of bug fixes that address stability problems, gameplay issues, and a few crash bugs. For those competing on the leaderboards, there's a particularly nice addition. Harmonix has now disabled scoring on songs when the pause button is used too much. Why? Well, the game rewinds a few seconds after every pause. So, to get a super high score, it was possible to pause after every mistake, and just redo the section. Those no-good, lousy cheaters are now out of luck. At least, they are until they figure out another way to make themselves look better than they really are.

The Rock Band forums have a full list of everything changing with the patch. There's nothing life-changing in there for most Rock Band players, excerpt for one thing. This update comes on the heels of some pretty big shake-ups over at Harmonix. It should be heartening to fans to see that business is continuing as usual, and Harmonix is still committed to delivering updates and improvements for existing games.