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Guild Wars 2 Unveils Its New Guardian Profession

by Jeff Cork on Jan 27, 2011 at 04:40 AM

NCSoft and ArenaNet have announced a new profession for Guild Wars. Guardians are support fighters, skilled at melee combat and aiding allies on the battlefield.

One of the Guardians' most interesting traits is how they can shed their passive benefits and transfer them over to allies. Their virtues include the ability to imbue every fifth attack with flame, withstand crippling blows, and passively regenerate health.

Symbols are one of the four special skills available to Guardians. Once placed on the ground, they can either give buffs to the player and his allies or act as de facto mines, damaging enemies who get too close. They can also summon spirit weapons, which fight alongside players for a time before disappearing. Wards are a variant of symbols, creating impenetrable barriers to ensure safe passage. Finally, the aegis skill lets Guardians block enemy attacks.

Take a look at the Guardian in action below.