Update: Mysterious Arkham City Trailer Shows Unlikely Team Up

by Bryan Vore on Jan 26, 2011 at 09:21 AM

Update: Looks like this one's a big fake.

Rock Paper Shotgun claims it has word from Warner Bros. that this is not a genuine Arkham City trailer and Joystiq did a very convincing breakdown of all of the suspicious elements in the video.

Original story [January 26 2011 12:44 PM]: An unauthorized trailer has hit the Web showing an unholy alliance as Batman and Joker join forces to wackily take down groups of thugs.

The video is posted under the name Jeux Video And Co., so we imagine they're getting a strongly worded email from Warner Bros. right now. The video certainly looks plausible, but out of context it seems strange that these two enemies would work together for any reason. Also, Joker looks surprisingly healthy compared to how sick he was in the teaser trailer. The skeptical side of the Internet also points to the use of Arkham Asylum assets to hint that the video is a well-done fan mod of the PC version.

See what you think about it here.

[Thanks to "Fons De Clerck" for the tip]