Silent Hill: Downpour Screenshots Chill The Spine

by Tim Turi on Jan 24, 2011 at 04:24 AM

Vatra Games has partnered up with Konami to bring the Silent Hill series back on the survival horror track. If you read my Silent Hill: Downpour feature in issue #214 of Game Informer magazine, then you've already seen the majority of these gorgeous screenshots, but I insist on taking another look at the new characters and the foggy, atmospheric town.

The shaggy-haired man featured in almost every screen is Murphy, the game's new protagonist. He ends up on the path to Silent Hill after surviving a crash involving a prison bus. Rounding out the cast so far is police officer Anne Cunningham, and Walter, the enigmatic mailman.

Three of the screens feature various angles of the iconic town, one of which offers a glimpse of a foreboding clock tower. Others show off a trek through the woods and a hellish diner, both of which were covered in the preview. The gorge featured in a couple of the screenshots are inspired by a famous tourist attraction in Vatra's native Czech Republic. The gorge, called the "Stepmother Abyss," is the center of a dark legend in the country. Stay tuned to this website for a feature describing other Czech Republic influences on Silent Hill: Downpour, including an account of my visit to the gorge.