DC Universe Online Off To A Successful Start For SOE

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jan 24, 2011 at 09:00 AM

We still don't see a lot of MMOs released on consoles nowadays, but if DC Universe Online's success is anything to go by, we might be seeing more in the future. Sony Online Entertainment's president John Smedley recently revealed that the super hero MMO is the company's fastest selling game to date.

Smedley broke the news on Twitter, while addressing supply issues. "Working on out-of-stock problems for DCUO. It's [our] fastest selling game ever. Should have more inventory in Monday."

Smedley also revealed that the game is selling almost evenly between the PS3 (52%) and PC (48%) versions, and that the game was #1 in sales on Steam last week. All of this is definitely good news for Sony, especially considering Microsoft's reluctance to allow MMOs a place on the Xbox 360 -- clearly a lack of consumer interest can't be blamed for Microsoft's hesitation.

[Via Joystiq]