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AR Games For 3DS Has Our Heads Spinning

by Ben Reeves on Jan 19, 2011 at 06:30 AM

If you don’t have extra cash for a game on March 27 when Nintendo’s 3DS launches, you’ll still be able to kill time with the pack-in title AR Games.

AR Games comes with a set of cards that players will need to lay out in front of them. When a player views these cards through their 3DS’s cameras, they’ll see monsters and other obstacles popping out their table on the 3DS screen.

AR Games is really a collection of six minigames, but Archery is the only one we’ve seen demoed so far. When looking at the Archery card through the 3DS’s camera, the environment surrounding the card warps and twists so that players have to move their system around objects and find the optimal angle to shoot targets. At the end of the demo we fought a giant boss dragon.

We just hope the rest of the AR Game collection is as creative, because this already sounds cooler than Wii Sports. Check out some extra images below.