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Does PS3 Root Key Allow Hackers To Unlock Trophies?

by Matt Helgeson on Jan 14, 2011 at 10:56 AM

As the fallout from the reported leak of the PlayStation 3 root key, which is said to allow hackers to unlock the system for homebrew applications and (very likely) piracy, a new twist has emerged. According to CVG, some hackers have found a way to unlock all the trophies for the PS3 titles Buzz! and Pain.

One user posted this is a hacking forum:

"Just tried it with BUZZ Quiz TV (EU) original disc - Played a round of the game then quit, trophy's now show as 100% I have 70% previously."

Still, it appears that not all titles can fall prey to these dirty tactics. Users were reporting that it does not work for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition or Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Either way, widespread hacking of Trophies could basically destroy the integrity of the entire system. Sony says they are away of the problem and looking for solutions.