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Road To Skyrim: The Todd Howard Interview

by Ben Hanson on Jan 13, 2011 at 09:05 AM

If you've enjoyed role-playing games in the last decade or more, you've probably had the good fortune to dig into the work of Todd Howard. As the chief architect behind many of the Elder Scrolls games as well as Fallout 3, Bethesda's game director stands at the forefront of western role-playing game design.

During our visit to Bethesda's headquarters last month, we had the chance to talk with Howard about his career, the growth of the Elder Scrolls series, and his thoughts on the state of video game development.

The three videos that follow are divided up by subject area. Watch any or all that catch your interest.

Video 1: Todd Howard tells the story of how he got into the industry, recalls his earliest gaming habits, and offers advice for those looking to follow in his footsteps.

Video 2: Learn about the  evolution of the Elder Scrolls series and the lessons of the past that led the team to the creation of Skyrim.

Video 3: Todd Howard reveals his favorite games of this generation, his thoughts on current trends in the gaming industry, and his perception of the difference between eastern and western role-playing games. He also discusses his impressions of Kinect, Move, and 3D technology, and whether we'll ever see an Elder Scrolls game on mobile phones.

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