Hard Corps: Uprising In February

by Matt Miller on Jan 11, 2011 at 06:38 AM

Microsoft has had good luck with their Xbox Live Arcade promotions. The approach lets them highlight some of the better (or at least higher profile) downloadable games coming out in a given year. This year's House Party promotion is now set to kick off with what amounts to the next Contra game, entitled Hard Corps: Uprising. The game will release on February 16 for 1200 Microsoft points ($15).

Uprising will feel familiar to fans of the Contra series, with some blazing difficulty and frantic onscreen bullet dodging. Several things set Uprising apart, including an anime visual aesthetic and the ability to level your characters as you play, if desired. Contra purists don't need to worry. There's still an incredibly challenging mode with only three lives and no power-ups.

Not mentioned in the recent press release is the PlayStation 3 version, which was originally announced alongside the XBLA version. Does Uprising's inclusion in Microsoft's House Party leave PS3 owners without an invitation? Only time will tell.

Konami was kind enough to send along some new screens for the XBLA game, which we've included in the media gallery below.