Hank Chien Restores His Donkey Kong Honor

by Tim Turi on Jan 11, 2011 at 06:03 AM

The current King of Kong has reclaimed the throne after two recent defeats. The victory comes after Chien's high score was usurped on his birthday by the infamous Billy Mitchell (who makes great hot sauce, I gotta say), which was then trumped again by Steve Wiebe.

Chien’s 1,068,000 points make up the current high score, but the ranking may be in jeopardy when March’s Kong-Off begins. The event, run by Billy Mitchell and Richie Knucklez, will accommodate a host of eager Jumpmen looking to the current high score. Whether or not Chien's score is overthrown before then is another thing altogether.

Congratulations, Chien!

Source: Twin Galaxies