Update: Chinese Factory Worker Takes 3DS For A Spin?

by Meagan Marie on Jan 03, 2011 at 03:19 AM

Update: Nintendo has declined to comment on the rumor or address the origins of the device.

Original Story: Several outlets are reporting that a Chinese factory worker took it upon himself to smuggle a 3DS off the production line, and proceeded to document his endeavor with photo and video proof.

If reports are true the culprit must not be too worried about his identity, as personal effects are included in the video and at one point you can see a man's reflection in the screen.

A Google translation of the original source reads "Domestic players to start 3DS 3DS engineering machine compared with the DS video," and mentions "first-hand access to the Nintendo 3DS machine." This sounds significantly less conspicuous than a factory worker nabbing a unit, but the origin is still somewhat unclear.

Despite the questionable origins of the device, the video shows the comparative size of the handheld and showcases the shiny dual screens. While press images are widely available of the 3DS, these visuals certainly lack the post-production work that goes into official art. Check out the video for yourself below.

[TGBus via Kotaku. Thanks to Mray901 for the tip!]

[Thanks to Dogfonos for the translation clarification.]