Another Former College Athlete Sues EA And NCAA Over Likeness

by Matt Helgeson on Dec 17, 2010 at 05:48 AM

Bobby Maze, a former NCAA basketball player for Tennessee, has brought a suit against EA Sports and the NCAA in a California federal court. He claims that EA and NCAA used his likeness in EA's NCAA basketball series.

While no actual player names are used in NCAA sports games, EA does present very specific likenesses of individual players, using the same "height, weight, ethnicity, uniform numeral, position, and year in school," according to the suit. For fans, it's usually not too hard to tell who these supposedly anonymous players are. Usually, the generic player will have the same physical attributes, skill set, position, and even number as a real-life college star. Using EA's Locker Room features, users can also edit the player names themselves and then share them with other users. For example, here's a forum post where complete rosters for every NCAA basketball conference were being shared by users.

Maze is not the first player to bring a suit of this type against EA and the NCAA. Former football player Sam Keller also has a case pending in the court system.

[Source: GamePolitics]